Project details

Produquimica Industria e Comercio S.A.

LocationSao Paolo
Project executed on2012
Technical specificationPressureAtmospheric
MeasurementsFrom DN 600 to DN 3000
MediumChlorine, HCl and H2SO4
MaterialFull GRP, PVC/GRP and PP/GRP
TemperatureUp 80 degrees Celsius
Market segmentChemical processing

Project description

Plasticon Composites was responsible for the delivery of  seven process tanks for skid mounted Chlor Alkali plant in Brazil, containing Anolyte Acidification Pot , Dechlorinated Brine Tank, Wet Chlorine Mist Eliminator , Chlorine Absorption Tower, Chlorine Absorption Circulation Tank, Waste Hypo Tank.

This skid mounted Chlor Alkaliplant is a new designed product of Uhdenora,.