Project details

EGSB Polypropylene Settlers

CustomerBiothane/ Veolia Systems Delft, Holland
LocationSeveral locations in Europe
Project executed on2012
Technical specificationPressureatmospheric
MeasurementsB x H= 1500 x 3900 mm Length is depending per project
MediumWaste water
MaterialSolid Polypropylene
TemperatureMax 30 degrees
Market segmentWater & Wastewater

Project description

Plasticon Composites was responsible for the design, supply and installation of poly propylene settlers. These settlers were mainly installed  in big GRP  tanks (up to 7 meter diameter), also made by Plasticon Composites. The equipment was part of the process of an anaerobic treatment plant where gasses are being cleaned.

Project lead time: from 1995 up to 2012